Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekday update #36: Snow Day!

We finally got snow in Atlanta, but alas, it's gone. Typically, we get a light dusting like every 5 years if we're lucky. But this time, some places saw up to 4 inches! I know those who live in snowy areas are just shaking their heads, but know that for me (a Georgia native) it was a huge deal. I just wish it could have lasted 72 hours at least. But just 72 hours.

Anyhow, when it's this cold, I like to wear leather. I use it as my excuse to be able to make my 8 minute trek to work. I'll use just about any excuse to wear anything leather if it's jazzy enough. While getting ready, I was listening to my Ipod on shuffle. By the time my make up was done, I was rocking out to Joan Jett! Joan, today's outfit is for you! "So put another dime in the jukebox baby..." :)

(Stelle by Gilber Gilmore jacket and vest; Brooks Bros. button down; Victoria's Secret leather leggings; vintage chain link belt; Cole Haan g-series boots)

P.S. - As a side note, C looks even prettier in person today. I just love this photo of her. It's soooo sweet, yet sneaky!
Gigi always gives me way too much credit for my outfit when she is the one rocking leather pants on a Monday! Lacking her endless layering skills, I tend to stick to my tried and true jacket and dress combination. Truth be told, for me, everything revolves around the dress. The jackets are bought and worn simply because I can't get away with walking around in shoulder-bearing dresses all day, at least not at work. Over time, I've grown to love the jackets too. Especially the ones with little details, like the white piping on this one. It makes me feel very fifties housewife. Although only in looks. Thank goodness, I don't have that "charmed" suburban life.


  1. You both look fabulous! Gigi, I LOVE the black leather with the red vest and jacket! You OWN that look! And Miss C., you just could not be lovelier. I really like how you've worn so many colors and pulled them all together into the scarf. And the black tights with all the other more springtime colors is a nice contrast.

    Great job to you both!!!

  2. Hi there-both fabulous outfits! Gigi, I love the red jacket and Cathy, I love how you've paired black tights with the cream dress and sandals!!

  3. We love that you ladies visit and say such kind things. Trust me when we say you inspire us to bring out our best! Thanks again.