Monday, March 30, 2009

Update #54: Super Fly

I love me some Roberto Cavalli. That man knows how to make clothes for women. I remember reading an article that said his wife was also an integral part in the business as well. If that's the case, then they both ROCK! Today's ensemble is inspired by Mr. & Mrs. Cavalli. I just adore what ya'll do.

Oh, as a side note, I ran into a girlfriend at the coffee shop this morning and she says to me, "looking slick, G, I love it." I say thanks and tell her it's for RC and she says, "oh, I thought you were supposed to be Super Fly!" I said, "nope, but you just gave me a killer Halloween costume idea!" :)

(Vintage Jack McConnell hat; thrifted scarf; Brooks Bros. Button down; Diane Von Furstenberg pantsuit; Stuart Weitzman platforms)

Sometimes the way to make less boring a conservatively cut dress is with color and a bit of texture that is interest but won't immediately jump out at you. Here is a very simply cut dress in my favorite bold orange over a pair of lightly chevron patterned navy tights. I like look down and count the chevron layers on the tights during meetings. It makes me seem focused and thoughtful. :)


  1. Hi there-looking lovely ladies, Gigi, white soo suits you!!

  2. Ladies, once again you have inspired the minds of us all with you beauty and wonderful taste in fashion. I must admit -the Roberto Cavalli style is superb, even I would wear that outfit! –Dashgne’