Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update #48: Out into more colorful territory

Gigi and I decided that we'd have a lot more fun taking this little hobby of ours out to the more colorful world. What do you think? All I can say about her photo is "FIERCE"! :)

(Vintage leather jacket & fedora; Gucci sunglasses; Lulu Guinness studded scarf; Josephine Chaus embroidered tank; Victoria's Secret satin pants; Stuart Weitzman "Chain Alto" boots; AND my homeboy's Dodge Charger - Thanks a million, T.P.!)

Welcome to my home! In case the husband happen to see me wearing shoes here, please know that I've disinfected the soles before stepping on the carpet. :) Yes, we Asians are paranoid about such things, but I'll assure you that it's very nice to live in a house free of outside dirt. The really interesting part of this outfit is what you don't see. This Marciano dress is incredibly sheer on top and low cut to the point that I'd probably never wear it without something to cover it. But covered this way, it actually passes as a pretty fun scrunched skirt. I am so happy to be able to wear the orange slides now. It just says summer to me. Orange is the color of happiness, I am certain of that.

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