Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekday update #42: 80 degrees today!

Okay, better camera, but still need to figure the darn thing out. Everything in life requires work, I mean everything. Anyhow, my shots look nice, thanks to C. I totally jacked hers up. But remember, I'm new to this whole blogger world so you've just got to be a little understanding. As I practice, the shots will get better and better. So I'll stop obsessing now and talk fashion. Let's see, it's 80 degrees today and I thought linen was the order of the day. It's one of those items you either love or hate. Especially if you have a wrinkle phobia. If you do, don't wear linen. It took me about a month or more to get over the wrinkles. Now, I see it like I see my hairstyles. My attitude now is more so, "am I bothered!"

I know talking about wrinkles, sounds petty, but you'd be surprised at how this bothers some people. I work with a woman, not C, though her initial is C also! And she actually wears a different outfit to drive to work in so that her linen won't get wrinkled by the seat belt. This makes no sense to me, because at some point she will have to sit down. But it makes sense to her, so there you have it.

(Newport News linen skirt suit; Zara sleeveless turtleneck; Michael Kors belt; Stuart Weitzman sandals)

close up of Kors belt

What can I say, I am all about lace this season. And this one had me at first glace. I have a feeling that we will have a long and beautiful relationship for a long long time!

Love is most definitely in the details.


  1. That suit is fantastic - great find! And I love the detailing on that lace blouse!


  2. Hi there-Cathy, that blouse is divine, really gorgeous! Gigi, love your suit too, the pattern's lovely!