Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Little Pony

Serious business engagements are the same whether one is back home or here in Shanghai. Too much flash or creativity in clothes in these cases do take away some of one's credibility in certain circles. So here is the appropriate, if not most interesting, suit getup for a meeting. At least I didn't go the route of the matching suit separates, at least they fit, and at least I have the red shoes and scarf for some color. I thrive in the at leasts on these days. :)

When I was little, I wanted a pony. Not really sure why as I grew up in the concrete jungle, but that's what the fairy tales tell you, so that's what I wanted. Got on my first horse when I was 21 and I was scared to death. I suppose he knew I was scared too. It didn't help that his name was Psycho! I'll never forget the instructor telling me, "whatch out for Psycho, cause he likes to kick the other horses, so don't let him get near the others." Hell, I could barely stay on the thing, let alone keep Psycho in check! He did what he wanted. Thankfully, he decided to go grazing instead of kicking anything. I assume that's what he was doing. Anyhow, instead of staying in formation with the rest of the trail, he decided to go off into a field and chew on lord knows what. I was just along for the ride. I sat there and waited til' he was done and then we moseyed on along. Honestly, I think Psycho sensed I was scared shitless and gave me a break. After it was all over, I brushed his coat and sang to him. I think he liked that. He gave me a very slimy horse type kiss. I suppose he liked it. Anyhow, that was in West Virginia. Who knew you could have fun like that in West Virginia!

(Vintage equestrian hat; Stelle by Gilber Gilmore jacket; Brooks Bros. button down; Zara turtleneck; French Connection pants; Isabella Fiore embroidered boots)


  1. darlings you are both so fabulous! I love both your looks. particularly the footwear in both. I always love the background to your daily outfit choices my sweets!
    have a yummy day x

  2. I love the fashion ideas you gals are given in this blog in regards to business engagements -letting the kids know its okay to 'Jazz-It-Up'! You both look Stunning -as always.

    Cathy, were can I find such a fabulous fitted suit coat jacket like that? It looks awesome on you and you always put the icing on the cake by adding color to your style –Just Wonderful I Tell You! Jacinta –sweetheart you have a secret passion for fashion (this I know), when are you going to host the next red carpet event –cause I want to be there? I am sure the attention will be on YOU! I am sure the horse was thrilled to have a Diva on his back! You ladies better WORK it!!! -Dashgne'