Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update #55: Karl

Not much to say except today I'm invoking Karl Lagerfeld. Love him!!!

P.S. - I so forgot to put on my shades! Dammit!

(Vintage wool blazer; Brooks Bros. button down; Lulu Guinness studded scarf; BCBG mini skirt; Young Fabulous & Broke leggings; Harley Davidson boots & gloves)


  1. Hold up -wait a minute ...GiGi honey I know you were going for Karl Lagerfeld. However, when I saw you in that gorgeous black button down blazer dressed all in black with a mini skirt -I simply lost my mind. When I came to -I saw JJ (Janet Jackson). Come on, you have to admit it; she does have style. That outfit gets five snaps, three circles and a kiss! -Dashgne's

  2. Honestly, I got called Janet a lot that day. Still do. I suppose we have the same chubby cheeks! ^_^