Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekday update #47: Green With Envy

Ok, this will be the first and last time I'll talk about something other than the outfit here. I am going to ask Gigi to put post #44 back on the blog. If gigi feels compelled to remove her words, at least we can have the photos back? When we started this humble little blog of ours, we had only wanted this to be a place for beautiful things. It's a happy place where we intend to generate happy memories. We thank you for visiting and hope your short stay injects a little lightheartedness into your busy day. Neither of us, I think, is so ungrateful as to bite the hand that feeds us and makes many of these beautiful things possible. Let's just all be happy. :)

I have decided to take up the art of haiku. Enjoy!

A sapling
Cannot grow
In the shadow of a mighty oak.

(Egyptian beaded scarf; Zucca jacket; Saks Fifth Avenue tank; thrifted pants; Etienne Aigner boots)

Photos of post #44 back from the deleted bin :)


  1. How gorge is that jacket! the sweet detail is so pretty! Gigi your scarf is lust inducing :o)
    your blog always puts smile on my face ladies :o)
    hope your both well.
    muah x

  2. Hello ladies -I love the site and will read it with fashionable thoughts for as long as you both continue to Bring It. Cathy -girl the jacket and the shoes are fierce! GiGi -like Marian, I am feeling that gorgeous scarf and them red boots. somebody ring the alarm because those boots are HOT! I think I found my new Twitter right here... -Dashgne’

  3. thank you! You know we do it because you come here to smile. :)