Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update #49: shopping in my own closet

A loft is not for someone who likes to hoard stuff. Despite what people may think, I am not a hoarder. In fact, I share a single non-walk-in type closet with the husband EQUALLY and he gets about 80% of the dresser space in the house (I hate dressers). I am not saying that he is obsessed with clothes. He is not. He just likes to save all the old t-shirts and his clothes are a lot bigger. :) Anyway, the point is despite the limited closet space I have, there are enough goodies in there to play with and I never forget exactly what I have. I think the secret is to have lots of dresses that can play on their own or with the jackets/cardigans that you can mix and match with the dresses. Very few of my things wrinkle, so when packing, I can roll everything into a ball and it'd be just fine. People are always surprised that I can pack a single overnight bag and dress out of it for a week and don't look like I am repeating. So here is a dress and jacket combo again. I got quite a few compliments today and everyone thought the skirt was separate. So dresses that look like separates are even more interesting and flexible to play with. :)

Well, I guess I'm a hoarder. I have two walk-in closets (though one is not really used properly) and two very narrow closets. Along with another temporary closet type looking thing my bf got for me. Does the bf have space for clothes? I suppose he does, but he's quite practical and doesn't require much. Thank goodness, as it would be crazy here. Oh, I forgot about the trunks I keep too. They are for last season's clothes. What that means is, that my spring/summer clothes are packed into trunks and fall/winter go into the closets. When I'm sure we're over the cold snaps, then fall/winter will go into the trunks and well... you get the routine. I honestly don't think I have a lot of clothes. My problem is shoes and coats. Yeah, I gotta lot of those. I suppose it comes from my youth. My mother was a single mom, working as a waitress to support three kids. And I had some type of foot issue that required I wear special shoes. Only problem was, I continued to grow. One season I'd get a coat, the next shoes as that's all she could afford. So while one thing fit, the other didn't. I guess subconsciously, I collect coats and shoes for that reason. BUT, I make sure I use everything I own. If it does not get used, I give it to charity or to friends and so forth.

Oh, welcome to my home. My home is officially 100 years old this year!! It's a craftsman bungalow with what they call a Victorian package. All that means is, I have high ceilings. In today's pic, I am standing next to one of my inspirations. You can just barely see her in the left corner. It's Dorothy Dandridge! On the other side, are The Ramones! Don't forget, I'm a drummer. I was born punk rock, I'm quite sure of it! Oh yeah, and above me is a picture of what used to be Techwood projects here in Atlanta. I keep that picture to always remind me that it's not how you start, it's how you finish!
Today's look is my version of a Lolita doll. My bf loves them. So Mr. M, this one is for you. Muah!

(Vintage hat & belt; Bloomingdale's trapeze dress; Leg Avenue hosiery & socks; Matiko patent leather boots)


  1. Hi Ladies-love the outfits, so stylish and love the backgrounds too! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Love these looks, especially that purple skirt! I think I'll shop my closet today :)


  3. What a fun post!

    I have a lot of clothes. And shoes. And coats. And purses, scarves, hats, gloves. I love every piece! I am planning on moving across the country and must begin editing my closet; I am not looking forward to that.