Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekday update #4: Party time

Xmas '08! Every year we all get together in the spirit of togetherness and party hard. By the time this photo was snapped, the partying was well under way. So where on earth do I begin with this pic? Let's start at the top. **Note to self: fluff your hair before your next photo op!** Now on to the clothes... which is why we're all here in the first place! Every year I look to wear a pretty outrageous shoe to our firm's holiday party. Typically, I'll find a truly funky red shoe to coordinate with my Xmas ensemble and hit the town! But as I was getting ready the night before, I noted that I was pulling out every single 'Xmas-like' color I could find. At one point, I had draped myself in red, green, gold and purple! I looked like Rainbow Brite! As I giggled to myself, I thought, 'what if Rainbow Brite had an evil twin, what would she look like?' And so, I opted for my black silk Milly trapeze dress, a black cashmere cardigan, a vintage broach, and my gold, thigh high sequin boots! Viola, "Monochrome Nite," Rainbow Brite's evil twin! You know, looking back, perhaps the hair does befit this outfit after all! ^_^

Once a year, we close the firm early and head out for a long lunch in celebration of the holidays. I have been so busy at work this season, this party was the first time I got around to say merry Christmas.

The warm weather was still holding, so I rushed home after wrapping up work to switch into a blush pink silk shirt dress and gave it a Christmas lift with a red belt and red satin shoes. If you haven't figured it by now, I am a big fan of belts. It's hard to find one that fits a 22 inch waist, but I have gotten very good at refitted them myself. :) It looks like my lovely assistant had decided to go all white this year. It's not an easy color to wear head to toe, but she did it with confidence, which did wonders.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekday update #3: 70 plus in December!

I probably should have fixed the scarf before the photo. It looks to be hanging quite a bit lower than it had started in the morning. :) Nevertheless, you get the point. This is a day about shades of blue, one of my favorite colors. None of them quite match. I guess that's also the point. I like them all. The knit dress is incredibly comfortable like a pajama. Hence the belt, a little something to give some shape. When one is only five feet tall, shape really matters.

Ah, 70 degrees in Atlanta, but still as humid as ever. As a result, I decided to wear a light silk dress. Let's see, today my look is loosely based on the cartoon character Betty Boop. Since there are so many versions of Miss Betty, I thought I'd go for the biker version. I've outfitted my little dress with a leather vest from Bagatelle and a pair of Ruthie Davis studded, ice blue Mary Jane high heels. The pearls are still there, honestly I wear pearls just about every day! But, today I've added a tough looking leather wristband to give the outfit a "punch." Boop Boopie Doop!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekday update #2: Warm!

Okay, so I'm smiling today. It's not so bad, in fact, I quite enjoy it. ^_^ Today it is warm in Atlanta but also humid. And let me tell you, my "Victoria's Secret" curls took quite a beating. However, I still made the most of it. Moving on... today's ensemble tells the tale of one who loves gansta flicks. My aim today was quite simple, 'what if Scarface were a woman?' Today, I don a snazzy little jacket from Victoria's Secret (adorned with a red vintage scarf), a black Brooks Brothers button down, a faux Missoni skirt (I snagged this puppy from Rich's Department store some 10 odd years ago!), a pair of charcoal tights I picked up in Amsterdam, and the Pièce de Résistance a glittery pair of Betsy Johnson candy apple red, Mary Jane high heels! Oh, and let's not forget the pearls! Loads of pearls encompass my right wrist. Yep, that's Scarface all the way! Well... if he were a woman of course. LOL!

It's unseasonably warm today in Atlanta. The timing for the warm weather couldn't have been better as I had just ran out of tights to wear. :) What better to go with bare legs than a light cotton white dress. For a bit of fun flare, I also threw on my "chef bracelet" that features large glass bubbles of food-related clippings. It makes me smile every time. Then again, I do like to smile. :) It looks like J is getting there too.

Weekday update #1: Introducing the two styles

For most, getting dress to go to the office is not something to look forward to. I, on the other hand, enjoy it immensely. After all, I can't always control what happens at the office, but I am fully in charge of how I look and how much fun I have with it. It gets even better when there are like-minded people at the office who I look forward to seeing everyday. J (below) and I may have very different tastes in clothing, but our urge to play with style is the same. Here is to launching "a tale of two styles" at the office!

Today, there was a gloom that spread from the sky to my closet and resulted in my gray/black ensemble. To counter the depressing mood, I tied on a long purple silk scarf. The cool and soft silk felt comforting against the skin and lifted the spirit instantly.

Gigi says: For me, getting dressed is a big deal. I've always been a character and have never had any real reservations about acting out as such. Each day begins and ends in "character." On this day, I woke up singing that infamous Beatles tune, "Mrs. Robinson." All morning long, that song continued on and on in my head. Even when showering and later while making coffee! It was during my 1st "cup of Joe" that I decided on this morning to put my best character foot forward and be Mrs. Robinson. However, from the looks of my photo, it screams 'evil schoolmarm!' I do mean well, I swear it. Anyhoo, I must confess that Cathy snagged this photo of me as I was headed to my boss's office and let's just say, I wasn't in the photo taking mood. But, leave it to Cathy to say to me in her oh-so-calming voice, "J, you should smile more." Well let's just say after this photo was published, I totally got her meaning. Anyhow, smile or no smile, I can still attest to the fact that I look pretty darn good. Okay, so I'm biased. Did you expect anything less?...