Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekday update #2: Warm!

Okay, so I'm smiling today. It's not so bad, in fact, I quite enjoy it. ^_^ Today it is warm in Atlanta but also humid. And let me tell you, my "Victoria's Secret" curls took quite a beating. However, I still made the most of it. Moving on... today's ensemble tells the tale of one who loves gansta flicks. My aim today was quite simple, 'what if Scarface were a woman?' Today, I don a snazzy little jacket from Victoria's Secret (adorned with a red vintage scarf), a black Brooks Brothers button down, a faux Missoni skirt (I snagged this puppy from Rich's Department store some 10 odd years ago!), a pair of charcoal tights I picked up in Amsterdam, and the Pièce de Résistance a glittery pair of Betsy Johnson candy apple red, Mary Jane high heels! Oh, and let's not forget the pearls! Loads of pearls encompass my right wrist. Yep, that's Scarface all the way! Well... if he were a woman of course. LOL!

It's unseasonably warm today in Atlanta. The timing for the warm weather couldn't have been better as I had just ran out of tights to wear. :) What better to go with bare legs than a light cotton white dress. For a bit of fun flare, I also threw on my "chef bracelet" that features large glass bubbles of food-related clippings. It makes me smile every time. Then again, I do like to smile. :) It looks like J is getting there too.

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