Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekday update #4: Party time

Xmas '08! Every year we all get together in the spirit of togetherness and party hard. By the time this photo was snapped, the partying was well under way. So where on earth do I begin with this pic? Let's start at the top. **Note to self: fluff your hair before your next photo op!** Now on to the clothes... which is why we're all here in the first place! Every year I look to wear a pretty outrageous shoe to our firm's holiday party. Typically, I'll find a truly funky red shoe to coordinate with my Xmas ensemble and hit the town! But as I was getting ready the night before, I noted that I was pulling out every single 'Xmas-like' color I could find. At one point, I had draped myself in red, green, gold and purple! I looked like Rainbow Brite! As I giggled to myself, I thought, 'what if Rainbow Brite had an evil twin, what would she look like?' And so, I opted for my black silk Milly trapeze dress, a black cashmere cardigan, a vintage broach, and my gold, thigh high sequin boots! Viola, "Monochrome Nite," Rainbow Brite's evil twin! You know, looking back, perhaps the hair does befit this outfit after all! ^_^

Once a year, we close the firm early and head out for a long lunch in celebration of the holidays. I have been so busy at work this season, this party was the first time I got around to say merry Christmas.

The warm weather was still holding, so I rushed home after wrapping up work to switch into a blush pink silk shirt dress and gave it a Christmas lift with a red belt and red satin shoes. If you haven't figured it by now, I am a big fan of belts. It's hard to find one that fits a 22 inch waist, but I have gotten very good at refitted them myself. :) It looks like my lovely assistant had decided to go all white this year. It's not an easy color to wear head to toe, but she did it with confidence, which did wonders.

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