Monday, January 5, 2009

Weekday update #5: Pop of color

I immediately wanted this dress when I first laid eyes on it. The button details low on the waist and the snug cut captivated my attention. But it was the color that melt my heart. Not all pinks can be so simultaneously soft and strong. I will even call it vivid, risking you thinking that it's something like a fuschia. It made me happy whenever I looked down.

Today, it was all about my tribute to the working woman. Honestly, I had to move a lot of files so I needed to be comfortable. Funny thing, I too knew I wanted this jumper the first time I saw it, but for a totally different reason. Many years ago, this jumper was a part of my halloween costume. I was Storm. Yes, I was, and it looked great... trust me! Anyhow, earlier in the morning, I had to remove the "X's" from the collar along with the cape! By adding a red polka-dot scarf, I've transformed from Storm, into Laverne (Laverne & Shirley). Yeah, that's right, I'm a child of the 70's. Laverne was one of the first hardworking women I remember from early on, aside from my mother of course. Shlemiel/Shlemazel/Hassenpfeffer Incorporated!

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