Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekday update #10: contrast

Well, it's jean Friday and my mourning period is carrying over. Honestly, I think it would be hard to tell when I'm NOT in mourning as I tend to wear black a lot! It's chic, what else can I say. The funniest thing happened this morning in our Office Services Dept. One of the guys from our dept. asked me, "hey who are you supposed to be today?" I looked at him puzzled, but soon realized that he reads our blog! That was a surprise let me tell you. My reply was simple, "I am myself. I did not have time to pretend this morning." He smiled and said to me, "naw, you're some sort of a rockin' roller, I think..." Considering I was still thinking of Mr. Asheton when I got dressed this morning, perhaps I did have time to pretend. Touché.

(Coat - Nanny; shirt - TopShop; jeans - thrift store; boots - Salvatore Ferragamo)

It's jeans day at work, but I am hardly ever comfortable in jeans. Call me weird, but I feel terribly constricted in the hard fabrics of a pair of jeans. This is not to say that I don't wear them, I do, when I run out of tights in the winter and am too cold to go bare legged on a plane. I know this because that's exactly what I plan to do today on my trip to Palo Alto. As much as I like to travel for fun, work trips are hard to get excited about. Especially when one must sacrifice most of Sunday to it in order to make a Monday morning meeting. So this past Friday, I made a date with a friend to have a nice dinner in hope of jump starting my shortened weekend. I figured that this dress was workable enough to go from the office to dinner without looking too inappropriate at either.


  1. Miss Gigi: I just discovered this blog and having scrolled through, um, a lot of it, I have yet to see your hair look anything short of phenomenal. What is your secret woman?!

  2. Thank you Sarah V. I hardly call it that, but I'll take the compliment and run with it! Honestly, I call it "my Kate Moss factor." Ever notice how Kate is dressed to the 9's but her hair is slightly amiss and it doesn't seem to bother her or anyone else for that matter? Well, my secret is tolerance. I gave up on trying years ago and this is sorta what happens when you give up. ^_^ Seriously, I'm a John Frieda fanatic. He makes a wondrous line for curly hair. Anything with silicone as the base is your friend! Thanks again.
    Shine on,