Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekday update #6: Updo

2009 has arrived! It's a new year and along with that comes a new me! I'm sporting an updo, which is hard to do when you have a natural afro. But, fortunately for me Madame CJ Walker burst onto the scene some 100 odd years ago and gave women like me a host of options! ^_^ At present, my option is to invoke my "Memoirs of a Geisha" look. I'm rereading the book and yes, rewatching the movie. I just love that darn movie, but you won't understand any of it if you don't read the book. Sorry. Anyhow, this guise gives a 'shout out' to the great Mameha and her nemisis Hatsumomo. Thanks to my black & tan Diane Von Furstenberg kimono wrap dress, I was able to give this rendition some sort of justice. I've added loads of gold chains from Target (pronounced Tar-chez!), chocolate fishnet stockings, and chocolate Isaac Mizrahi boots (that's IsaacMizrahiNY.com, not for Target) ^_^. Upon C's suggestion, I opted for the side profile. I must say I like it, I wish you could see the chopsticks in my hair, but I was in a rush to get the picture over and done with so I didn't really worry about it much. "Water is always in such a hurry, perhaps it is just as well."

My husband didn't know that orange was his favorite color until he started living with me. I guess waking up everyday in a house peppered with the hue has an effect on one's psyche. When he picked out our pumpkin colored bar stools, I was smitten. This dress is of the prettiest burnt orange right in the range that I love. It's not obnoxiously loud, but definitely does not blend into the background either. On such a gloomy day at the start of the new year, I absolutely didn't want to blend into the grey environment. If the weather isn't going to bring on the colors, I sure will.

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