Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekday update #7: earring

I don't wear earrings on most days due to my lobes' unfortunate sensitivity to metal. But I do like large clip-ons in my hair once in a while. This is especially true on days when my hair simply refuses to part the other way without a little help. This morning, my dear mini cooper ran out of battery (my fault entirely) and I spent quite a few hours trying to revive it. Desperately needing my hair to get out of the way, I grabbed the largest earring I could find (a red coral pearly thing) and put it on. Later in the day, I grew to really love it. It reminded me of my hairstyle back in elementary school. It still seems to work... I am not sure if that's good or bad, but I like it.

Man, I wish this rain would go away! When you have a natural afro weather like this totally wreaks havoc on your hair. Today, I donned a messy bun. If not, I’d so be looking like Carrot Top right about now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I suppose. It appears being Carrot Top hasn’t hurt his career any, but, we already have one CT we don’t need two! Anyhow, my geisha inspiration has spilled over just one more day. Above, is my loose interpretation of Sayuri with a little Hatsumomo hair thrown in for good measure. Funny thing about the pearl necklace though, I originally had the 100 inch strand just kinda draped around my neck, but they kept catching on everything. As I was trying to remove my rain boots (right before my photo mind you), I got so frustrated I just started placing my arms through the strands in an effort to get them out of the way so I could get my pumps on. Well, after the pumps were in place, I went on to figure out what to do with those pearls! So after checking myself out in the mirror, I decided to do absolutely nothing. You can’t tell so much from this angle, but they are all wrapped up around my back. Kinda sassy I’d say. See, it’s true, necessity is the mother of invention! Hopefully the rain will subside tomorrow so that I can go “Victoria’s Secret” curly all over ya’ll. Honestly, I’ll worry about tomorrow, well… tomorrow.

(dress - vintage; vest - Diane Von Furstenberg; fishnets - Leg Avenue; pumps - Michael Kors; pearls - I can’t remember, they are real though!)

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