Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekday update #12: Jeans!

I just love this denim jumper. Truth be told, I'm a jumper fanatic. I think that has something to do with growing up in the 70's. I threw a cardigan over it to hide most of the jumper (I am at the office after all). I also had the cutest burgundy corduroy jacket to wear over this, but I ran out of the house so fast that I left my jacket on the bed. I later found my dog all snuggled up in it. I just got that thing out of the cleaners and now it's going right back. Oh well, at least one of us got to enjoy it today!

On a different note, I had no idea that damn dog was "setting up shop" on my bed either!

(cardigan - Banana Republic; button down - Brooks Bros.; scarf - Salvatore Ferragamo; denim jumper - Dittos; oxford heels - Stuart Weitzman)

Why wear one brooch when I can wear three. With a simple outfit such as this, more is sometimes more, or at least more fun. :) I was even asked if the brooches were part of the outfit. That sounds like good accessorizing to me.

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