Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekday update #15:color matching

You don't need me to tell you that darling Gigi here is a much more adventurous dresser than I. I suspect the big man would let her get away with much more at work than he would me too. That aside, it's impossible not to applaud her for the effort and thought that go into her daily outfits. :) Being her much lazier counterpart, I can only claim one thing in common with Gigi, which is our love for that one, or in her case the many, details that put the punctuation in a look. This morning for me was all about the purple rhinestone pin given to me by an old friend, who had since followed her dream to become a fashion designer. Go Attie! The pin served the purpose of my usual belt to give the light sweater some shape as I bunched the waist portion together. I really like the fact that it allows the dress to peak out from the top. Nothing makes me happier than doing something new to old things and make the whole thing interesting again.

Now check out the cool look Gigi put together. :)

Okay, so this is my loose and I mean loose interpretation/tribute to the late, great Coco Chanel. It’s in the shoes tis’ all I can say. When I saw these little booties with satin ribbons, I was captivated. While walking through Phipps Plaza (it’s a little shopping plaza in Atlanta), I stumbled upon these booties in a window display. Now mind you, I had just said to myself, “self, that’s it, you ain’t buying nothing else today, GO home!” As I turned to walk out the plaza doors, I caught a glimpse of a bone and black shoe something or other. The closer I got to my spied object, I reminded myself, “self, you don’t have a bone and black shoe anything, and since you love Chanel (the woman), you should get these so that when you wear them, you can think of her.” I gather that’s what made Mme Chanel such a force. She didn’t mind if the stores copied her designs. She was smart enough to know that in a sea full of carbon copies, people always remember the original!
(dress - Victoria’s Secret; scarf - Salvatore Ferragamo; tights - Nordstrom’s brand; shoe bootie - Corso Como; pearl bracelets - various suitors!)

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