Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekday update #16: Mexico

As I was walking into C’s office, I put this thought into my head, ‘C will have on some form of purple today, I’m sure of it!’ Getting ready for my surprise, I spy C in a gorgeous navy sweater and tweed skirt trimmed in gold piping. Lovely surprise, but it was not purple as I had suspected. However, here’s where you could have knocked me over. As soon as I walk into her office, we both look at each other and say the following (at the same time I think), “ooh, I like that ring!” “Girl, that necklace is hott!” Then we both said (maybe within seconds of each other), “oh, I got this in Mexico!” I had to laugh, I really did. So we both weren’t in purple, but we still had a connection. Don’t you just love synchronicity?!?!

(New Port News velvet jacket; Elie Tahari silk & velvet dress; Leg Avenue hosiery; PayLess boots)

It turned out that both Gigi and I had an accessory detail from Mexico today. Mine, the long twisted gold mesh necklace was discovered in a small shop in Cabo. It grabbed me instantly with its fluidity and lightness while being so substantial in size. As you may have noticed, when it comes to accessories, I am not one for subtleties. I'll admire an itty bitty necklace for its cuteness, but if it adds nothing color or shape wise to an outfit, it doesn't really do the job for me. Go big or go home, as my husband says. :) Luckily, big often also means fun and less expensive. A great combination, don't you think?

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