Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekday update #17: solid colors

Because of a client event at the office today, we were asked to dress closer to the center. Since I was actually attending the client function, I thought a demure solid colored something or another will have to do. Not to be overly boring, I opted for a tailored vintage dress. Initially there was no plan for a belt, but my self-made necklace of jade beads with a vintage pin thrown on it just looked too lonely up there. It literally called out to its similarly colored mate by falling directly on top of it in my closet. Not one to fight fate, I relented and they were meant to be together.

Like C said, we have clients in the office today. In my best attempt to look “normal,” I donned a suit. I figured it would be lean, clean and suitable for today's event. Earlier in the morning, while giving myself a final once over in the mirror, I made the fatal mistake of asking my boyfriend how I looked. “All you need is an AK-47 and you’re good to go.” He said. “Why’s that?” I asked. Again, totally my mistake for keeping the conversation going. His response, “cause you look like Tony Montana!” My response. “Sure wish I had that AK right now!” ^_^

(John Meyer pant suit - Smart; Brooks Bros. button down; Burberry boots)


  1. Oh wow! This is a fantastic, inspired blog. I love it and have linked to you!

    That white pantsuit. Bianca Jagger lives again! You both look wonderful and professional. At times I find it hard to meld my working wardrobe with my normal self.

  2. This is weird for me to say, but I think I have suit envy!

  3. Thanks so much. We appreciate you both.

    Now you make me want to get more suits! ^_^ Thanks again.