Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekday update #14: Red for Chinese New Year

Happy New Year… again! Today starts Chinese New Year and I’m especially happy to say that this is my year, the Ox. I suppose I’ve just announced my age. No matter, I’m not caught up on numbers anyway. A few weeks back, C advised me to wear a red belt for luck. Earlier, I decided on a cute little a-line black dress with red belt, but then my girlfriend in Taiwan sent me a translation of my fortune and well… I decided I might oughta’ up the red ante just a little. It appears, as an Ox person, that I carry “fan Taisui” so I need to “an Taisui.” I hope I’m getting this correct Nori, forgive me if I’m mistranslating your translation. ^_^ Anyhoo, my sweet, sweet friend “an Taisui(ed)” me at the temple AND online. Last I heard, she added my name to her grandma’s prayer list for those needing “an Taisui.” I am truly fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Although, I tell you now, not all my friends got the meaning of the red suit. One of my fellow colleagues here called me The White Stripes. I hadn’t even thought of them but, honestly, if I had to choose a point of reference it would more than likely be Louis XIV!

(pant suit, including vest - Stelle by GilberGilmore; button down - Brooks Bros.; white belt - Kenneth Cole; tie & boots - vintage)

Having donned red for two days in a row over this past weekend for Chinese New Year, I was ready for some other colors. Of course, I couldn't completely avoid the evil repelling hue, hence the scarf, belt, and shoes. It's nice to see that this dress came out of the tailor's fitting rather nicely. It's quite a pain to have it refitted and still have the pockets in the right places as opposed to somewhere on my butt. :)


  1. Ladies, you rock.

    Especially with that red suit! Holy smokes. I've never had my Chinese fortune told. But I know that the year of the Ox is supposed to bring work. And according to that general statement, my fortune is definitely coming true this year...

  2. Hi there-you both look fabulous ladies, very stylish and chic!

  3. Thanks so much ladies, we appreciate you!

  4. The red is amazing & totally appropriate for CNY!