Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekday update #9: All about the accessories

My husband is a darling when it comes to buying pretty things for me. As a matter of fact, I depend almost entirely on him to replenish my shoe collection on his monthly trips to Asia as it is impossible to find lady like size 4 heels here in the States. For Christmas, I received from him a selection of jewelry, which included this awesome necklace. It's hard to see the details here, but layered together are a large row of enameled flowers having sparkly centers and another row of oval stones of the same color. As simple as this outfit was, I felt completely special when I put on the necklace.

Although I'm smiling in this picture, I'm actually in mourning. I'm mourning for Mr. Ron Asheton. He was the guitarist for the Stooges. Mr. Asheton passed away a few days ago. I've been trying to keep tabs on his funeral arrangements, but none have been made just yet. So, I got to thinking that if I could have been priviledged to be a guest at his funeral, what would I wear. This is what sorta came to mind. Now since this is a rock and roller we're talking about, I would have nixed the cardigan and worn a really lacy high neck top under my snake print leather dress! Think mod-vampire if you will. Since I had to be at work instead, I had to dull it down a bit. Does this look dull enough? I guess. Whatever, beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyhow. ^_^


  1. Cute, that necklace is a great colour, coral?

  2. You are exactly right. The color is coral. The material is actual plated metal.