Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekday update #11: Storied outfits

One snowy Sunday back in New York about five years ago (before I got back in touch with my now husband), I was stuck in my office working on a case. In between the frustrating legal stuff, I exchanged a few emails with a guy that I had been contemplating whether to date. Very cute and plenty funny, the problem was that I didn't think our lives were moving in the same direction, so didn't want to waste my time. Well, on that lonely Sunday, he asked about having dinner. Instead of making up a reason why I can't, I wrote and said that if he could get to midtown Manhattan in the snow by dinner time, we could eat around my office, thinking there is no way that he'd be able to or he'd want to in the big snow storm, being at the time in NJ visiting a friend. How wrong was I. He soon called and said that he was on the way.

I looked just terrible that day, wearing a great big old sweater from my high school day. Not wanting to trek back to my uws apartment to change, I decided in my desperation to dash across the street to the crappy Strawberry hoping to find something. If you have ever gone inside a Strawberry, you know that it is a store with glittery jeans and short skirts catered to teenagers. Having very little expectation, I was more than surprised to see this dress hanging on one of the back racks. Demure but still interesting, it was perfect for this kind of last minute date. I quickly dropped the twenty five dollars and took it along with a pair of tights. The dress has since became one of my favorite every winter, so easy to wear and yet always together. The date, in case you were wondering, also went very well. I say very well, not because we ended up going on a second date, but because we really enjoyed our conversation and were adult enough to realize that we wanted very different things from dating. He, at that point, had already retired from a great ten year run as a wall street broker and is comfortably settling into his own real estate business. He was looking for someone to build a family with. I, on the other hand, was just starting out at the firm and simply wanted to explore what life has to offer. Despite the fact that the date led to no future, it remains one of the most enjoyable ones I've been on.

Today was a very special day in the office. We threw a wedding shower for one of our associates, we'll call him BB. BB is what I would consider the manliest of men. He hunts, he fishes, he hikes, he does something called a "3-point stance" on command. Anyhow, whenever I'm given the pleasure to plan one of our showers I like to go all out. That typically involves gathering together the perfect libations, decorations, foods, and gifts. I also try to dress the part as well. That means I must have the perfect getup! On this day, I pulled out the most wild and furry thing I could find. Trust me, it's really not the wildest furry thing that I own, but it's probably the wildest that I could get away with at the office. Do you like?

(lace shirt - Victoria's Secret; suit (trimmed in fox) - vintage; tights - DKNY; boots - Isaac Mizrahi)

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