Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekday update #18: Skinny pants

My word, is my hair ever in some semblance of order, ever?! Short answer: Nope! And I just can't worry about it either. You don't really know what you look like til' you're on film, let me tell ya'. Anyhoo... these skinny leather pants are back by popular demand. I wore them a few weeks ago, but C was out of town. However, one of the attys here asked me to wear them again, so here they are. Now I didn't wear them for anyone in particular. Okay, that's a lie. I wore them for the Killers. I went to see them right after work. I didn't know one Killers song and had never heard of the band. Months ago, I got an e-mail from Ticketmaster containing a fabulous photo of this band. I was instantly captivated by one of the members, a guy with long hair wearing a fur vest! I thought to myself, 'it takes some cohones for a guy to wear a fur vest' (a straight guy that is, I mean, I assume he's straight). So, I bought tickets and anxiously awaited the show. All I can say is, I'm so glad I went with a fun person as the show, in itself, was a bust. Not to say anything against the Killers, but once you've tasted true Rock & Roll grit from the likes of Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, and the Misfits (just to name a few) it's hard to go back to lollipops!
(YaYa cropped tuxedo vest; Brooks Bros. button down; Victoria's Secret leather leggings; Stuart Weitzman oxford pumps)
While most of my girlfriends flock to the shoe racks when out shopping, I hardly ever turn my eyes in that direction. Of course this is not due to a lack of love for shoes (that would a crime). I don't look because it makes me sad. 99% of the time, there is nothing on the racks that will fit my size 4 feet. Instead, I must patiently wait for the husband or my next trip to Asia, where I go crazy in a few favorite stores and walk out looking like I just committed a robbery. But once upon a blue moon, I, or in this case, my darling husband, would see a glimpse of hope on a shelf. "Those orange baby shoes look like they would fit your paws," said the husband. And they did, brilliantly. At 1/4 the price of the adult version, these kids Tory Burch were the perfect find.


  1. The Tory Burch shoes are just gorgeous on you!

  2. Thanks Ana!

    We appreciate your visits and kind words.

  3. Both of you can rock a skinny jean, perfect fit as well.