Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekday update #20: bring the outside inside

I've never been one to hold on to things. Meaning, as soon I as I got anything new, I'd use it immediately! Yesterday, darling C acquired this wool topper for me. I could not wait to wear it. In fact, I wore it home, just to give it a test run to see how it would wear and if I would need to make any adjustments. I needed to make only a minor one. To wear a mock turtleneck in order to keep from scratching my neck off! I love wool, but it gets me every time. One of my fellow colleagues asked who was my inspiration today and I told him I felt like being a martain, but after seeing this photo with all that wild hair, I happily lay claim to Edward Scissor Hands! ^_^
(Marc Jacobs wool tunic; Zara mock turtleneck; Young Fabulous & Broke cashmere leggings; Burberry boots)
I adore wearing scarves. My mom started my collection when I was five and it has steadily grown for the next twenty five years. Normally, I stick to the silk ones for indoor wear, but today it's freezing, making me want to keep my large wool one on all day. To hold it in place, I tucked it under the belt and it actually blended into the dress quite well. A new idea (for me anyway) is born!

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