Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekday update #22: Lace Collar

Yesterday, C wore the cutest leather gloves in burnt orange. I had wanted to wear gloves too. An elbow length, cognac snake-skin glove to be exact but totally talked myself out of it. Thought I was "trying." After I saw how smashing C looked, I decided to go with my first mind from that moment forward. Fashion mind that is. To "push the corporate envelope" and don red leather pants. This photo is a little bright as the pants weren't that red. But red nonetheless. In an effort to downplay the boyish look of the pants, I chose a high neck lace top and dainty jacket. Up close you can get a clearer understanding of what's going on here. The top half is girly, the bottom half is somewhat tom-boyish. There's the balance (or happy medium as I like to call it). Remember, there must be balance in all aspects of one's life, especially their wardrobe.

(Carole Little quilted silk jacket; Victoria's Secret silk & lace shirt; Ralph by Ralph Lauren leather pants; vintage Justin "Roper" boots)

I definitely can't pull off red leather pants, at least not without looking like I am trying on Gigi's clothes behind her back. I'll just take comfort in knowing myself well enough to realize that I should stay far far away from things with attitude. What I do are comfortable things, soft and frilly things. And this sweater is exactly that. Without the camisole, it's almost completely see-through and loosely hugs me like snuggles. And if you happened to see me, arms folded around myself with a smile on my face, you, my friend, had witness me hugging snuggles back.


  1. both your outfits are cute!

  2. Thanks. Looks even better now that I've removed that blurry photo. ^_^