Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekday update #27: Paper Cut Dress

Well, I didn't get the three day weekend. A little thing called "a motion" prevented any other fun motion in my life for most of the weekend. But I am not complaining and am not entitled to any such complaining. In fact, I am grateful to have cases to work on in this terrible economy. But a girl is entitled to a bit of color and fun in her life. And that, is within my control. So this morning, I threw all caution to the wind and pulled out the summeriest things in the closet, a paper cutout dress. With tights and a slip, it really isn't all that see-through and kept my spirits up all day. You know what, I am almost ready to move from this "motion" to some real motion! Tomorrow may be a nice day yet!

Happy Tuesday! We're back from our 3-day weekend. We had President's Day off. I love it when a holiday like that creeps up on us, very unexpected, but much appreciated. So, yesterday, while I was laundering my clothes I got to thinking about some of the articles of clothing that I own that I absolutely despise. YET, I keep them for the oddest of reasons. I'm sure we're all like that or perhaps I just enjoy torturing myself. If that be the case, I need to start another blog based on that statement alone! Anyhow, I digress. So, as I was putting clothes away, I came across these plaid pants. I've had these pants for 10 years now and I still hate them. I hated them when I tried them on, I hated them as I twirled around the dressing room, and continued to hate them as I carried them to the cash register. Why did I buy them? Because the saleswoman just loved them on me and so did a of the few customers. Yeah, as you can see, I'm quite suggestive. Doesn't take much to sucker me into a purchase I suppose. But the main reason I got them is because they are so NOT my style. In the decade that I've owned these pants, I get 3 or more compliments per wear. For example, this morning as I was running to the elevator, I asked a woman who had just boarded to hold the door. As soon as I entered, she says to me, "Oh my God, I love your pants!" I almost fell over. I just don't get it. I don't see it, but maybe it's not for me to see. Maybe sometimes it's what we don't see that makes all the difference.
(Victoria's Secret sweater; BBB plaid pants; Michael Kors belt; vintage boots)


  1. C- I love how you find ways to wear the cutest little summer things in the grossest days of winter!

    Gigi- You look good in those pants. I am not a plaid lover, by which I mean, I do not like it on me. I don't really get plaid; it seems like a mess of stripes and grids. But people DO love it. What an awesome theme for the week! Clothes you hate that others love!

  2. Dear Orangelover,

    You are most kind. Tune in later today. I'm wearing a piece that my boyfriend calls me "little chinchilla!" HA! ^_^

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment.