Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weekday update #21: Full on color

I have wanted to show off these gloves ever since I bought them over Christmas. When I lived in New York, a thing like that would have been easy as winter ware was an absolute must during the daily commute. The same is not true for Atlanta, where the temperature barely dips under 40F and my commute exposes my body to the element for exactly 0 minutes (house - car - office parking garage). Today, however, I woke up to 16F outside. Unheard of! I temporarily contemplated working from home, but then kicked myself for being such a weakling after just four years of living in the south. Instead, I decided to sport my burnt orange gloves since even my steering wheel was frozen. Aren't they just darling? Love!

C is right about it being really cold today. I had no idea it would be this cold. I didn't watch the weather report this morning. I bet that explains why I practically ran from my car to the office, in a fur coat no doubt! Yeah, it was just that cold... for Atlanta anyway. So the cold weather would also explain why I got so many questions about this short sleeved, lime green dress. Not very wintery looking for some I would imagine. It's simple to explain really. This dress is made of a very (and I mean very) heavy linen & silk combination. There is no way I could wear it in spring or summer, in Atlanta that is. A cold day like today is truly the only time. So there you have it.
(vintage dress & belt; Hue hosiery; Michael Kors pumps)


  1. Despite the cold weather, I love that both of you are in great colours!

  2. Thanks for visiting. We appreciate your comments. I suppose we're both ready for spring, however, if legend holds true we'll have to wait another 6 weeks, since that darn groundhog saw his shadow!