Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekday update #29: Lil' Chinchilla

I am sure you've figured out by now that color is my thing. Sometimes more is really just better as in this super comfortable knit dress. Normally, I don't wear a belt with it as the waist is already defined by the stretchy stripes in the middle. But this morning I discovered that a belt that was recently given to me as a gift had the same knit texture in the back as the dress. So I figured that today is as good as any to get the two acquainted. And they really came together not too badly!

Welcome back to things from my closet that I hate. LOL! Today's hated item, this fur vest. I, for the life of me, can't seem to wear this vest in such a way that I have to say, "damn this looks good!" It's all in the attitude I guess. Please note that I tried my best and it (in my opinion) still ain't good enough, but I've always been my worst critic, I take all my own criticisms with a grain of salt! However, before I hit the street, I decided to ask my boyfriend's opinion. I really should know better than to do this, but I find his comments amusing (at times!). This time, I felt it was a must to get his take on this ensemble. This is how it went:

"Hey babe, what do you think of this outfit?" I ask. "It's cool, but I'm not down with the vest." He said. "Really? Do tell?" I ask. "Cause you look like a little chinchilla. But I think chinchillas are cute, but you still remind me of one nonetheless." ^_^

I must admit I do adore his honesty. I wonder if he knows that chinchillas can have a mean streak from hell though? I'm not inferring anything, just making an observation... :)

(Cynthia Steffe fur vest; jumper from Macys; Spanx hosiery; Michael Kors pumps)

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