Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weekday update #28: Bolero

Hi folks. I'm continuing my segment on clothes I possess that I don't fancy. I'll be doing this for the rest of the week, just so you know. I've got plenty of things in my closet that I just don't care for. Like I said yesterday, just because I don't care for them, doesn't mean they aren't likable to others. This morning, C commented on my nice bolero jacket. I don't like this thing on me. It looks good on the hanger though. Okay moving to the lace shirt. Again, not my favorite, but I like to wear this shirt with my utterly boring pin stripe suit. It gives it a kick. And lastly, the motorcycle boots! I always wanted a pair of this type of boot and any fashionista worth her salt knows that they are a hot ticket, when worn just right! The problem is that there are so many various types of motorcycle boots that it's easy to get overwhelmed. I decided upon these because they possessed this really cool embroidered design. Well, when they arrived, I thought they were quite bright and well... gaudy! I really don't do gaudy. Okay, I know what you're thinking, 'Whatever girl, I've seen your photos, you do gaudy just fine!' I suppose what I mean is, I love a statement piece, just not a gaudy one.

So as I was packing these boots up to send them back, my friend, S, of our Office Service's Dept. promptly snatched them from me and said, "Miss thing, you better not send these back. Girl, what is wrong with you?!?!" So, I kept them. It's been three years since and I don't regret the purchase. Not one bit.
(Unyx bolero jacket; vintage brooch; Victoria's Secret shirt & pants, Isabella Fiore embroidered boots)

Gigi's bolero is really a pretty cool military-inspired piece that, with a bit of glitterization, can carry forth the Balmain look of the season. Maybe I need to get her excited about this home project. :) Me, on the other hand, I can't do the military look even if I wanted to. The atitude is just not there. I better just stick to my colorful light-hearted things. Today, I am happy despite the rain outside. Besides that, I am super pround for being able to tie that nice little bow with my leather obi. It's the little achievements that counts!


  1. Hey, if you don't like that bolero, I could take it off your hands ;)
    But it looks great on you!

  2. Hi there-you both look fabulous!! Its funny how we may not like an item on us, nut other people like it! You both have great outfits on!

  3. Hi Hot Bot,

    I will seriously keep that in mind!

    AND Miss Sharon Rose,

    Thanks too. I'm glad you both get where I'm going with this week's segment. LOL!