Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekday update #32: Waist belt? Yeah or Neah

Thought I would give the 'ole waist belt over the jacket' look a try. It's not a bad look, but kinda confining for me. I would think I would be okay with this look considering my love of corsets. Yet I must remember nothing usually comes between me and my corset. Here I've got a jacket and a tee shirt to contend with. I'm not complaining, just taking notes. I think next time I will try using a skinny belt. Wait! I tried that look and didn't like it either. Perhaps my waist is too big. Or I'm obsessing over nothing. Either way, back to the drawing board! :(

(Calvin Klein wool Jacket; Topshop tee shirt; Linea Pelle waist belt; Sin wool knit pants; Spanx hosiery; Chie Mihara pumps)

Continuing with shirts from mom's closet, here is a white one with some delicate embroidery near the neck tie. For my height, it's almost impossible not to actually look like I am playing dress up with my mom's stuff without a belt. So it's a blessing that I love belts. Thin ones, fat ones, stretchy ones, studded ones, you name it, I love them all. This photo almost makes the mostly covered skirt look shorts-like, which is pretty cool, since I have been quite inspired by some stylish ladies sporting dressy shorts lately. Maybe I'll think about doing it, but it may be a long while before I work up the courage. I have shorts phobia from those cut up to there ones back in high school...


  1. Hi there-Gigi,I like the wide belt look over the jacket, I think its better than a skinny belt. Cathy, I love the white blouse on you my dear!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I am absolutely in love with your blouse and this entire ensemble. As if the blouse wasn't fantastic enough in its own right but you have paired it with that fantastic belt and skirt. (Love the shoes too!).

  3. Thanks ladies. You make up look forward to adding to this blog everyday!