Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekday update #35: Wickedly Cool Laced Up Dress

I've had this jacket for three years and never wore it to work, thinking it too, what's the word, "shiny"? When I got this laced up dress, I also regretfully thought that it'd be forever restricted to the weekends, because the laced up details were simply too, what's the word, "bondage"? Well, this morning I had a thought, why not tame the extreme with extreme and the above combo was born. The jacket sufficiently covered up most of the lacing leaving only a small amount of detail peeking out. I'd like to think that the patterns on the dress drew the eye away from the sheen of the jacket. Is it toned down enough for work? Frankly, I probably don't care that much since I wore it. But you tell me. :)

A guy at work keeps calling me 'motorcycle mama' today. I am an aviator! Perhaps I need to wear my aviator sunglasses around the office all day...

I will tell you a funny story about this "vest" though. I got a leather jacket from Newport News for $9.00. I thought, what a steal. Yeah well, when it got to me, it was all wrong. It fit poorly, like a box and was god-awful shiny! I could have sent it back, but I would have paid more in total shipping than what I paid for the jacket, so I decided to keep it. Well, one day while watching America's Next Top Model, I saw a photo shoot of a girl in a leather military vest. Instantly, I wanted one, but didn't want to A) look for one and B) spend $$ on something I might wear. So I decided to get creative. I figured since I didn't like my $9.00 jacket, what would it matter if I had fun with it. And boy did I have fun. I washed it, beat it, kicked it, spit on it, ran over it with my car! (Just joshing, I didn't really kick it!) And then ripped the sleeves off. I even slept in it. Yes I did, but don't ask, please...

Making this long story short. One day, I wore my "refashioned" vest to the office. I got a total of 12 requests from colleagues and strangers wanting to know where it was purchased. Only one person believed me when I told them I "made it." I actually had to take the damn thing off to show off the ripped up arm holes. But it just goes to show you how funny people can be, as the person I showed quickly chirped, "oh, but that still doesn't prove anything because designers are making ripped up clothes now anyway." Instead of getting peeved, I decided to see the glass as half full. He called me a designer! LOL!

(Newport News leather jacket, refashioned into a vest by GigiV!; Topshop t-shirt; vintage Bill Blass scarf; Buffalo by David Bitton jeans; Frye boots)


  1. The first top is divine. I love the hugebow-ish thing in front.

  2. Hi there-Both looking fabulous gals!! Gigi, I love your outfit, its just my sort of casual chic style too and I love the story of how you customised the vest, its great its now a much loved item in your wardrobe!

  3. hey honeys. you both look terrific! im loving the story of the customised vest! it looks fab and at least you can now wear it. fab customising.
    muah x

  4. gigi, that is the best alteration story I have heard in a long time. bravo!

  5. Miss C, I think you look divine. I love the jacket with all its fun details, and I adore the dress. The pattern is smashing and that Putting the two together created a really sophisticated look on you.

    GiGi, whether its biker or aviator it's pure fabulous on you! I love how you rock your look! You're an inspiration.

  6. Thanks a million, Sarah. That comment was truly inspiring. ^_^

  7. GG,
    girl --you are rocking from another GG.

  8. You ladies always leave the nicest comments. Thank you so much!