Friday, December 19, 2008

Weekday update #3: 70 plus in December!

I probably should have fixed the scarf before the photo. It looks to be hanging quite a bit lower than it had started in the morning. :) Nevertheless, you get the point. This is a day about shades of blue, one of my favorite colors. None of them quite match. I guess that's also the point. I like them all. The knit dress is incredibly comfortable like a pajama. Hence the belt, a little something to give some shape. When one is only five feet tall, shape really matters.

Ah, 70 degrees in Atlanta, but still as humid as ever. As a result, I decided to wear a light silk dress. Let's see, today my look is loosely based on the cartoon character Betty Boop. Since there are so many versions of Miss Betty, I thought I'd go for the biker version. I've outfitted my little dress with a leather vest from Bagatelle and a pair of Ruthie Davis studded, ice blue Mary Jane high heels. The pearls are still there, honestly I wear pearls just about every day! But, today I've added a tough looking leather wristband to give the outfit a "punch." Boop Boopie Doop!

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