Friday, March 20, 2009

Update #50: Liquid gold

Hi all, we're back from sunny Florida and what a wonderful and relaxing trip it was. Yes, that's right, I wore heels to the beach! I always do. I had a pair of beach sandals in my bag, but that was for later. Style first! :) Sorry I could not post earlier, but I was in a remote area called Tarpon Springs. Okay, it's not all that remote, but I wanted it to be and thus, that's what it became. I turned off my phone, left my computer at home and read nothing but a trashy novel while sipping piƱa coladas! I needed to decompress. Besides, my ox fortune told me to travel lots this year and that's what I plan to do. Why not? I've only got this one life (that I know of). I plan to live the hell out of it! The shot above included the bf. I had other shots, but thought why not include him, since I talk with him so much about this blog, it's as if he's a part of it too really. After all, the "skirt" I'm wearing was once his Ed Hardy t'shirt. He didn't like all the rhinestones and it was terribly large for him as a shirt anyway. I didn't like the shirt as a shirt, but thought it would make a killer skirt! And so that's what it became. The bf didn't mind too much, he's so encouraging when it comes to my love of clothes. He's always sure to remind me that when one door closes, try a window and if there is no window, well... tear down a wall! BTW, that advice goes for everyone out there, not just me. :)

(Gucci sunglasses; Salvatore Ferragamo scarf; Top Shop t'shirt; Ed Hardy t'shirt refashioned into a skirt by GigiV; Ellen Tracy socks; Cole Haan boots; AND the best accessory of all, my bf - Michael!)
(Better close-up of the former Ed Hardy t'shirt, now skirt!!)

Please excused the startled look on my face. There was no intruder in the house, just an unexpected double flash. Gigi is off to Florida on vacation today, but we have agreed that we'll try to keep up with the postings on the road. This applies to her as well as me, especially during my upcoming travels to China. So we'll see if she pops in with her post.

Today, I finally pulled out this necklace, a surprise present from my husband some time back. He has certainly come a long way with his gift giving. When we first started out, he picked out dainty things for me, things that all the girls he used to know liked. I appreciated his gestures very much, but delicate chains and demure sparkley things are just not for me, however expensive they may be. He soon figured out that I am much happier with $5 street market glass beads if they added good colors or interesting shapes to my outfits. Since then, he has gotten in sync with my aesthetics and now gives me the most fabulously fun stuff, like this waterfall necklace that drapes like liquid. I don't know about others, but I'd much rather have many little surprises that put a smile on my face than some diamond solitaire that looks like something everyone else has.


  1. C,

    I just saw the close up of that necklace it is FABULOUS!!! I love it!

  2. Hi there-Gigi, what a fabulous way to wear the t shirt it really looks good as a skirt-the piccy of you and bf is great too! Lovely outfits all round, ladies!