Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekday update #41: Geisha Sandal

Again, Gigi's comment below provides such a poetic description of what I would otherwise call my short-legged shuffle. :) The truth is, when one is as vertically challenged as I, one learns very early on to work with high heels. These shoes are actually amazingly comfortable despite their look. The sole is padded and decorated with a Japanese motif. Maybe that's where Gigi got the geisha idea. There is another element of this outfit that is Japanese though. The shirt component here is actually a dress with a shinny silk skirt that I bought when I passed through Japan a few years ago. This morning, I tucked the dress bottom into the skirt you see here to avoid looking too done up for work. The double layer worked very well to keep me warm in the slightly cool morning air.

Okay, so I'm getting a better camera tomorrow. Actually, I already have it, but don't really know how to work it so I'm taking pictures of my dog for the moment to get it just right. At some point, I'll deck him out in outfits too. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. HA! Anyhow, I titled today's post "geisha sandal" because as C moves around the office, her walk is with very tiny, yet swift steps. Like a geisha! She has on cool but rather intimidating mules. The vamp is a braided fabric strap and the wedge heel appears to be lucite with a hollow middle. She's brave, I would so fall in that shoe. But my reasoning of bringing up the camera was to mention that I really want to capture the details of C's outfits on this blog, as they are AMAZING. I also wanted to post her other pic, just because the shoe detail was much better, but now that I have a newer camera, there will plenty of time for that. Baby steps.

(Diane Von Furstenberg skirt suit; BCBG tank; vintage belt; Victoria's Secret hosiery; Stuart Weitzman leopard platform sandal)

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  1. Hi there ladies, love your blouse Cathy and Gigi, your suit is awesome, totally gorgeous indeed!