Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekday update #43: I'm Going on Safari

For me, today is all about these gold chains that you can't see so well unless you click to enlarge the photo (as gigi pointed out, we are still trying to figure out her very awesome new camera). My husband and I got the heavy gold stuff as a part of a traditional Chinese wedding set. You should have seen his face when he opened the box. I feared for the one who would ask him to wear his. Luckily, no one did. Since, for luck reasons, we can't sell the gold for money :), I thought I'd work it into my wardrobe. What do you think? They sort of go with this otherwise low key outfit?

So as I walk into C's office today holding a rather large camera bag, she says, "ooh, you look like you're going on safari!" I had to laugh. It was funny.

Today is also warm, but tomorrow will be cold and rainy. I thought why not wear something fun, yet functional. I commented to C that this dress came from Brooks Bros. She says that when she thinks of Brooks Bros., this type of dress doesn't come to mind. I must agree. BB, at one time, did not conjure up anything fashionable for me either, unless you're a man that is. But as I watch store after store dwindle in our area of town, my lunch hour shopping has dropped drastically. BB would be the last place I would have thought to meander through, yet out of sheer desperation to spend a dollar (I'm so bloody American, it's sad), I did. And I'm glad I did. I learned something about BB that I've already known about other high end department stores, and that's when they have a sale, they have a sale! I learned to take those stuffy-looking pieces and make them my own. Isn't that what style is all about anyway? No matter who or what it is, you really can't judge a book by its cover!

(Brooks Bros. dress; Victoria's Secret hosiery; Ellen Tracy socks; Cole Haan booties)

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