Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekday update #40: Spring Is Around The Corner

I was going to wear an orange dress today in honor of C, but then saw a photo of some new "IT" girl in jacket and jeans, pumping gas. Since it's still a tad cool, just a tad though, I opted for the "IT" girl pumping gas look, instead. I can wear orange on Monday.

(Calvin Klein jacket; Banana Republic t-shirt; thrifted jeans; Spanx hosiery, Stuart Weitzman oxford heels)

I have a pair of black jeans that gigi loves and comment on every time I wear it. It's one of the few pairs of jeans that I can tolerate because it stretches and doesn't feel tight around the thighs. But it's impossible to wear it under thinner dresses, which is the way I prefer to wear my jeans, because all the details at the waist, such as pockets and belt loops, show awkwardly through the dress material, forming weird shapes. Finally, I've found a solution, Japanese jean leggings, the perfect child that inherited the best of both contributing parents. The waist stretches and fits smoothly like a pair of leggings and the leg portion has the weight and texture of a pair of jeans. Best of all, the length is just right for my height. Gigi didn't even notice that this was not the same pair of jeans she saw before.


  1. Loving the cuffed jeans, and that blue dress is fab!


  2. Cathy and Gigi you both look great in your choice of pants today! Have a happy weekend ladies.
    Muah x

  3. Hi there-fabulous outfits ladies! Gigi, great minds think alike, my posts this weekend have been on blazers too!

  4. Thanks ladies! Your comments always make our day!